Has Private Money Lending Changed?

Today on Spilling the Beans, Tim Bratz sits down with Kelli Garrett, friend and local real estate investor here in Charleston. She talks about how she invests passively in in real estate as an LP (in several thousand doors), she’s a general partner in around a thousand doors, and she has a fund that did almost $100 million last year in loans. These are hard money, short term loans to active real estate investors. So Kelli has a perspective on the real estate market from many different angles. In this episode, Tim is going to pepper her with questions about all the things that she’s seeing in the lending world as an investor, as a borrower, and as a fund manager in today’s current economic stance. So I’m excited to sit down with her. I think you will get a really a ton of value out of this. Let’s go meet up with Kelly.

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